Resource Centres

Wherever possible our activities are based in and focused upon community venues.

We recognise that people may choose not to access any of our centre based activities, and we strive to tailor make support that promotes integration and inclusion.

However it is important to recognise the value that our resource centres offer.

Our aim is to provide services that directly reflect the needs and wishes of those of who use them including opportunities to socialise and maintain friendships, or to enjoy some quiet time and space.

Each resource centre specialises in offering specific outcome focused sessions.

Westlea in Cockermouth

is a holistic therapy centre offering a range of complementary therapies for service users and carers, including a state-of-the-art sensory room in a therapeutic environment.

Catherine Mill in Whitehaven

is based in the heart of Whitehaven. Providing easy access to all aspects of the community for people with autism and higher support needs.

Grow West in Allerby

is a 12 acre market garden in Allerby. It is a thriving horticulture project offering 20 training places per day. Click the tab at the top to find out more.

Café West 

Following on the success of our first café in Whitehaven, our Café Wests have gone from strength to strength. We have welcomed two new venues; Workington Library and Keswick Museum. These enterprises continue to offer numerous valuable training placements and employment opportunities. Click the tab at the top to find out more.

Westfield in Workington

is a community activity resource offering empowering and enriching activities to local people, offering the opportunity for people to improve their skills and engage with the community. We also have a functioning therapeutic pottery which provides ceramic and craft worksops for teams of our artists.

Mansion Gardens in Workington

is a community garden and sensory space developed and maintained in partnership with other community organisations.

Wild West in Cockermouth

is an Ofsted registered resource for children with additional needs. The centre is full of enriching play equipment and follows a wholesome curriculum. It is a space dedicated to empowering children to thrive. Click the tab at the top to find out more.