Community Activities

Community Support Services offers support to adults and children with  disabilities in a range of community and resource centre based settings in and around West Cumbria.

As a local provider we have the benefit of knowing and understanding our local communities and of them knowing and connecting to us. This expertise enables us to offer a wide and varied range of care and support that is both robust and flexible enough to welcome change and new challenges without compromising on quality, values or efficiency.

Our aim is to provide a supportive enabling culture where people of all ages are encouraged to recognise and achieve their full potential towards leading full, active lives as valued members of their own communities as identified in Valuing People Now 2009.

“People with learning disabilities want to lead ordinary lives and do the things that most people take for granted.  They want to study at college, get a job, have relationships, friendships and enjoy leisure and social activities”

Community Support Services is committed to providing “best value” outcome focussed services for the individuals we support and purchasers alike.

All our services are centred around the person we are supporting (effective Support Planning), the services are listed below. If you click on a service it will take you to another page to read more about that service.

Training and Development

Access to Employment Pathway

Transition and Throughput

Specialist Support

Community Connecting


Children’s Services

Resource Centres