Energy Management


Our Energy Policy


As a company employing in the region of 450 staff and directly managing energy consumption throughout dozens of different locations, West House recognises the need to strive to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption costs and promote the long term environmental and economic sustainability of our operations.

We are therefore committed to:

  1. Improving the energy consumption in our services and other operations through the establishment of objectives and targets.
  2. Ensuring continual improvement in our energy performance by the management of a continual improvement cycle – Plan, Do, Check and Act with regard to our use of energy.
  3. Deploying resources and information regarding our use of energy to achieve our objectives and targets.
  4. Upholding legal and other requirements regarding energy use, efficiency and consumption.
  5. Considering energy performance improvements in the design and modification of our own buildings, equipment, systems and processes.
  6. Effectively procuring and using energy-efficient products.
  7. Ensuring this policy is documented and agreed by senior managers within the company and is communicated to staff at all levels within the organisation.
  8. Ensuring the policy is reviewed annually according to set procedures and is updated and amended when required.

SC-ISO 50001

To view our signed Energy Policy click here.